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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for ServerServer
TGUZ8MKSD9Fixed issue where the Domino console cursor prompt was not refreshing when DEBUG_THREADID=1 was set. This is a regression in 8.5.3
Hide details for XPagesXPages
MLED8MRQRXFix resolves a regression introduced in 8.5.3 within Designer where previewing XPages in the client failed if http preview port...
MKEE8PJMQLFixes issue where page content is being removed whenever you do a partial update/refresh an area containing a read-only rich text field, where the...
Hide details for  8.5.3 8.5.3
Hide details for Administration ClientAdministration Client
SCHI829FXKAdded a preventative check to fix an issue where the client could crash if checking properties of a database when another operation is being invoked...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
ASIN8AEMLHFixes nlnotes crash in NEMCheckPreviousInstance when multi-clicking notes shortcut causes multiple notes.exe and hence multiple nlnotes.exe to be...
MLAT87XSS7Fixes a problem with when quickly clicking notes shortcut multiple times in rapid succession. This caused multiple nlnotes.exe to be launched...
RHOE8B4LXUAllows Basic Client to automatically minimize when user selects F5 or when auto logoff engages. This is accomplished with the following ini variable...
MLUR8F6P9ACompanion fix to MLAT87XSS7
Hide details for EditorEditor
PRAD88MJ2WFix resolves potential issue with keyview LZH archive viewer. Resolved in client.
Hide details for File SetsFile Sets
WTON7YRLY5Fixed an Installation issue that would prevent Notes from copying files to \workspace folders when parent folders had really long names. Prior to...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
JSTN84CSC7Prior to this fix, SURunAs contained a security issue where passwords could be compromised because they were stored in plain text. In 8.5.3, SURunAs...
MCMA8HLRGKPrior to this fix, if install reaches the provisioning stage and then fails, Windows registry keys created at...
TBOR89RENCResolved errors reading and atttaching "plugin_customization.ini" when pulling in 8.5.1 fixpacks.using SURunAsWizard to create a custom install...
Hide details for Mail MigrationMail Migration
PPOR7M8M45Fixed a problem with the Domino Migration tool and nupgrade which resulted in "Re" & "Fw" fields being removed after Migration from...
Hide details for MigrationMigration
KRED6SJB2BFixed a problem with Exchange mail migration where repeating meetings that had no end date were not migrated. They will now be added with an end...
Hide details for Native Launcher and Platform ServicesNative Launcher and Platform Services
NBRR8ECRPGFix allows client to generate and collects additional diagnostic information in the event of hangs and access violations within the Notes Client....
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
PCAN8E6UBQFix resolves issue with crash in KerberosInfo.queryDNS for users of the ICS tool.
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